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Bottle & Milk Warmer

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Co-created with MIT-trained engineer, Kozii patented SAFE heat technology circulates a continuous flow of low temperature water around the pouch or bottle within the warming chamber in order to heat contents evenly, time effectively and to the optimal temperature every time!

This unique technology and process was designed for the sole purpose of being able to preserve precious concentrated nutrients and anti-bodies that are only found in breast milk.

Thawed correctly to a safe temperature for baby and never heated beyond the temperature that would begin to kill precious nutrients. Also prevents 'hotspots' or any potential release of chemicals from plastic when heated to a high temperature.

Available with UK 3 Pin Plug Only

  • Thaw and warm breast milk, formula milk and liquid meals within storage pouches or feeding bottles (glass, metal, or plastic)
  • Universal with a long life span ( also compatible with TWIST and Foodi pouches)
  • Warm milk/baby food for babies and on to toddlers.
  • Patented SAFE heat technology: Internal water reservoir creates a continuous flow of water around the pouch or bottle to ensure the contents is heated evenly and gently.
  • Internal water reservoir: Kozii does not need to be filled with every single use. Recommended 1-10 uses or 1-2 days. When heating is complete, heating will stop instantly due to draining of the heat source from the pouch or bottle and back to the lower reservoir.
  • Automatic shut-off timer: No risk of overheating. Heating stops quickly when milk has reached optimal, safe temperature for baby to ensure all breast milk nutrients are preserved.
  • GUARANTEED 100% BPA-free, phthalate-free, and PVC-free

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